Group Members

Principal Investigator

Dr. Rajeev N. Kini

Associate Professor, School of Physics

Mail : rajeevkini

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 Postdoctoral fellows

Dr. Akant Sagar Sharma (Joined: Dec 2021)

Academic Research Fellow

Ph.D (Nanoscience and Nanotechnology) : CRNN, University of Calcutta

MSc (Electronic Science) : University of Calcutta

Mail : akant.781

Research interest : lll-V Semiconductor Materials and Devices

Dr. Hijas K M (Joined: July 2022)

Chief Minister's Nava Kerala Post Doctoral Fellow

Ph.D (THz generation from organic single crystals) : NIT, Trichy

MSc (Physics) : Aligarh Muslim University

Mail : hijaskm

Research interest :  Terahertz Spectroscopy

 PhD Students

Sreerag S J (Joined: November 2018)

Senior Research Fellow (DST Inspire Fellowship)

MSc (Physics) : University of Kerala

Mail : sreeragam98918

Research interest : Terahertz phonons

Malathi N (Joined: October 2019)

Senior Research Fellow

MSc (Physics) : Mysore University

Mail : malathi19

Research interest : Strongly correlated systems

Navya Biju (Joined: November 2020)

Junior Research Fellow (UGC Fellowship)

MSc (Physics) : Sacred Heart College, Kochi

Mail : navyabiju20

Research interest : van der Waals heterostructure and twistronics

Chandan Prasad Kushwaha (Joined: October 2021)

Junior Research Fellow

BSMS (Physics) : IISER Bhopal

Mail : chandanpd21

Research interests : Terahertz spectroscopy of 2D materials and  Superlattices/quantum wells.

Akhil N (Joined: January 2023)

Junior Research Fellow

M.Sc (Physics) : School of Pure and Applied Physics,MGU Kottayam

Mail : akhiln23

Research interests : Van der Waals magnetism

Major project students

Aravind Rajeev S

BS-MS Student (Physics Major)

Mail : aravind18

Research interests : Phonon dynamics

Anagha U P

BS-MS Student (Physics Major)

Mail: anaghaup18

Research interests: Terahertz spectroscopy of strongly correlated systems

Jibin N Sunil

BS-MS Student (Physics Major)

Mail: jibinnsunil18

Research interests: Simulation of electronic and optical properties of 2D materials


Pallavi M Das

BS-MS Student (Chemistry Major)

Mail: pallavi19

Asma Sherin M

BS-MS Student (Chemistry Major)

Mail: asmasherin19

Priyanka A Paunikar

BS-MS Student (Chemistry Major)

Mail: priyanka19


Current Collaborators

Dr M M Shaijumon, IISER TVM

Dr Surjeet Singh, IISER PUNE

Prof Tony Kent, Univ. of Nottingham, UK

Prof Gavin Conibeer and Dr Santhosh Shrestha, UNSW, Australia


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