PHY121 - Electromagnetism

PHY 121 Electromagnetism [3103]

Electrostatics: Coulomb’s law and Gauss’s law Simple application; Differential form of the Gauss’s law; Electrostatic potential, electrostatic energy calculation for some simple cases;Conductors; Surface charges induced on a conductor; Solutions of Poisson’s and Laplace’s equations. Method of images; Solution by the method of separation of variables in cartesian and spherical polar coordinates; Potential due to an arbitrary charge distribution; Monopole and dipole terms; Electrical field and potential due to a point dipole; Dipole in an electric field.

Magnetostatics: Biot - Savart and Ampere’s laws; Ampere’s law in differential form; Magnetic vector potential; Determination of magnetic

fields for simple cases. Energy in a magnetic field; Current electricity: Electromotive force.Ohm’s law; Motional emf; Electromagnetic induction; Faraday’s law; Self inductance and mutual inductance; Impedance; LCR circuit.

Electrodynamics: Maxwell’s equations; Equation of continuity; Poynting’s theorem; Electric and magnetic fields in matter; Fields D and H;

Constitutive relations; Linear and nonlinear media; Electromagnetic Waves: EM waves in vacuum and in a dielectric medium; Boundary conditions on an interface; Reflection and transmission at an interface; Conducting surface.


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